hello, i'm polly! welcome to my site! i've decided to shift my focus to gathering resources for artists and users from across the web, so this is just a one-page site now. i hope it helps you nonetheless! sites listed here will never require you to enter any details, sign up, or download software! keep your inbox and your pc clean :-) if any site listed here no longer works or starts doing something suspicious, please let me know via the neocities comments and i'll check it.

be so kind as to link to me, stranger? ^_^

formerly senshistock. timed figure drawing practice filterable by pose theme

online low poly 3d modelling tool

fandom wiki mirror that removes ads and redirects you to indie/non-fandom wikis when available

a guide to devices used in comics to make them more visually interesting and cohesive

'candid portraits at county fairs,' wide range of typically older american faces, useful for studies

models of a small amount of video game character outfits (e.g. genshin impact, persona 4 dancing all night)

a geocities gif search tool powered by the internet archive

an archive of a variety of resources useful for sitebuilding (also links to a variety of other, similair sites)

while mostly renowned for their wayback machine, the internet archive hosts a plethora of older media - anything from columbo to trigun. take a look if you dont have anything to watch right now!

online midi maker

3d mannequin poser. non-mannequin models and pose presets are behind a paywall, but still a useful tool

variety of pixel art related tools including versatile colour palettes, pixel art maker, and pixel art upscaler

a continuous streaming service of almost 50,000 songs archived from myspace and covers everything from christian rap to ska. all music is free to download

timed figure drawing practice filterable by subject age and gender. can also set to generate face-only iamges, hands, animals, and landscapes. has some nsfw images (toggleable)

a random question generator for original characters

an image-based search engine for finding similair images, useful for moodboards + concept art

wide range of 3d models, useful for when you need a specific angle on something like a shoe

extensive anime-stylized anatomy tutorials (in korean, but most tips can be interpreted without reading)

a collection of tile backgrounds

what it says on the tin

wide variety of creative commons images

rendered face model with various lighting angles